Saturday, 24 December 2016

Santa's on his way!!! 🎅

To be precise, according to Santa Tracker, he's currently in Venice and will be here in about 3 hours!!  Woohoo!!!

For the first time I can remember,  everything is done!  Baking was done last night,  we iced and decorated the Christmas cake today and I'm now watching TV and painting my nails waiting for the kids to be fast off before Santa can make his delivery 😁

To make it even more exciting,  Faye's expecting a double visit tonight,  Santa and the tooth fairy!! Faye's worried the tooth fairy might crash worth Santa,  I'm more concerned she'll forget in the excitement of Christmas!! 😕

All that's left to do is to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas 🎄🎁🎅🎄🎁🎅and very best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!🍾🎉🍾🎉

Friday, 16 December 2016

It's Christmas!! 🎅🎄🎅🎄

That's it,  my brain has officially declared Christmas! 😀

I am more organised this year than I have ever remember being before, although no doubt I will still be rushing round doing last minute things on Christmas Eve that I've forgotten about!

It's our work Christmas do tonight,  which I think we all need this year,  it's definitely time we had a party!! So I've had the day off relaxing at the hairdressers thus morning and now sat in the church waiting for the school end of term service -  I've even managed to get here early instead of trying to sneak in through the big,  heavy,  clunky,  noisy door......  What is going on??!

We had the elf party at my sister and brother-in-law's last week which was fab,  as always, with lots of elfing going on!  Santa 🎅 is doing well with getting all the presents wrapped and ready for the Big Night,  only a few more to go then it'll just be the baking left to do!  Get me!

I will apologise to work now,  as I can already tell I'm going to be next to useless next week,  but full of festive spirit!! (not the alcoholic kind,  well not at work at least!)

Who knows,  I might even find time to blog again before Santa arrives!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Ending the week with a BANG!

 And when I say Bang,  I mean more of a mini explosion!!!

But before that.........

Work wasn't too bad, Wasp lady was slightly annoying but nothing too bad.  Work had taken £456 off me for my car parking space instead of £38, which they did reassure me they would 'try' to get authorised to pay...... how nice of them..... (they didn't!)

Friday night we went out for Amy's birthday which was really good 😀  We went to Kayal to eat, a South Indian restaurant but none of the usual curries here!  In all honesty we had no idea what any of the food was or what we were ordering but it was lovely!  My 'paper dosa' was HUGE, so big in fact it barely fit on the table!  I would highly recommend it

After we couldn't eat anymore, we went to the Slug and Lettuce for "a few" cocktails, shots and bombs (nope, this isn't the exploding bit!).  We also met someone in there we knew who, it was fair to say, was more that slightly disturbed by the fact we were they and they had had a few drinks!  We quickly put them at their ease, hopefully, and all had a good laugh!  We then moved on to Fat Cats which started off ok, until I twigged that the 1 (not even that nice) bloke was 'selling' the 7 or 8 women of different nationalities that he was 'with'.  I could be wrong, but I don't think so!  Unfortunately it was time to leave before I had chance to test out any of the novel new uses I'd just thought of for my stilettos!  Oh the fun I could have had! 👿

Saturday was spent recovering and doing the usual weekend chores before going over to Mum and Dad's for tea on Sunday for Dad's birthday.  Big Sis had made a fab cake, a campervan (only slightly jealous!) and a lovely time was had by all!  On the way home, however, I had the misfortune to meet a boy/girl racer who took a sharp bend wide with their lights on full beam, causing me to try and avoid them, which thankfully I did.  Unfortunately the back wheel caught the gravel/soft verge and I lost it, the back end went and hit a post on the side of the verge!  There was a horrible scraping sound as I slowly drove off and Billy (who was now surprisingly awake!) asked what the noise was.  Not wanting them to be worried or scared I cheerfully replied "Oh, it's just a bit of the car dragging on the floor, nothing to worry about!!".  As soon as it was safe to stop I pulled over to check there wasn't any serious damage and, thankfully, it did appear to be just the sill scraping on the floor.  So it was driveable, we got home ok, and the main thing was that no-one got hurt.  It still didn't make me feel any better when Billy innocently asked "Is it going to be a bumpy ride again today Mummy?" when we got in the car the next morning!  Bless! 😕

After that the week was fairly uneventful.  I went to lunch with a friend and we were joined by someone who I thought was using Bluetooth, then realised they weren't.........Hmmmmm........ my friends seem to have knack for attracting odd people..........

So it all comes down to The Bang!

Well, Friday started off quite normally.  Getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school etc. etc. and it had all gone relatively smoothly.  So there I was, sitting at my desk typing away, when I started to feel a bit peckish and though about having something to eat.  That's when it suddenly hit me.  The thought that sent panic running through my veins. EGGS!!!!   I'd left my eggs boiling on the hob.  Two hours ago!!!  How much damage can over-boiled eggs really do? Burn the pan? Burn the kitchen?  Would we even have a house left?! 😱  Luckily Dad was due to drop something in to the house for me so I made a quick call to ask, if the house was still there, would he mind going in and turning the hob off for me!

It was an anxious wait.

But then the call came and.......good news!  I hadn't destroyed the house! Or even the kitchen!  Even the pan was in one piece!

Unfortunately, the eggs hadn't been so lucky.  My poor eggs had exploded and were now decorating the hob.  Well the bits that weren't black and welded to the bottom of the pan were anyway!!!  Time to get the scourer out!

On a positive - I now have a new saucepan!!

So all's well that ends well and the week did go out with a BANG!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

I'm back!!!

Seeeeeeee I told you I'd be back! That didn't take long did it!  I must have tempted fate..... Great!

What a day!  After the headache of work and wasp lady (long story) and a real headache, I was glad to leave the office!  I fetched Faye, made dinner, and took Faye to gym......

....and then it all went downhill!

I decided to work in the car whilst Faye was in gym so I got all set up, then realised I'd left the car wifi at home.. off I tootle back home again to get the wifi.  Which is where I should have stayed and just worked from home but no, I decide to go back so I'm already there and can work until Faye finished.

Good plan.

But as the saying goes, the best laid plans etc. etc. etc.

I started work and was happily getting on with stuff when there's a tap at my window.  Bearing in mind the car park is pitch black it was slightly startling!

Anyway, there was a lady who's car wouldn't start and asked if I would help jump start her car - of course I would, who wouldn't!  All's fine as I drive over, get the leads attached and start the engine running.  The lady immediately starts trying to turn her car over, surprisingly without much luck!  I get out and suggest she leaves it for a bit to give it a chance to get some juice in it and before she floods her engine.... about 2 minutes later she tried it again 😕.  Out I get again and patiently suggest she leaves it a bit longer.  That worked for about 3 minutes.  I gave up.  Next thing her car does turn over but doesn't start.  However, when it does turn over all the lights came on, external and internal so out I get again and suggest she turns all her lights off so they don't drain the battery and try again.  No luck so I turn off as it's time to get Faye and said I'd try again when I came back.  Took the leads off, realised I'd left the window open so put the keys back in to close the window and lock the car.




Not even a flicker of life!


Broken-down-car-lady agreed to keep an eye on my car whilst I went to get Faye (afterall it wasn't as if she was going anywhere either!) and I silently screamed!  Jay was in a meeting and uncontactable until he finished, when we were supposed to be picking him up.  Hmmmmm.  I didn't have any breakdown details on me as they were in my bag. At home.  I resorted to asking a couple of parents I vaguely know if they could help but on going back out we realised we couldn't get their cars close enough to attach the leads because of the way our cars were parked. However, whilst we were working this out, broken-down-car-lady has spotted a man with a big van (careful!).  Yaaaaay!!!  Not only does he have a big van, he also has a set of long jump leads!!  Then the fun really starts!
Broken-down-car-lady's husband arrives and an argument starts, at which point I suggest the nice van man tries to get her car going first but, as he's sorting out his leads, hubby gets in the car and starts it up!  Change of plan, get MY car going first!!  So we get all wired up. Still zilch. Nada. Silence.  The other car has now been moved but still not going and the son has arrived too now.  Van man was very lovely and offered to wait with us until we could get help but I did manage to convince him we would be fine so off he went.

Faye's now crying because it's dark and she doesn't like it.  I'm quietly panicking but laughing and telling her not to worry, we'll be home soon (well sometime within the next 24 hours at least!). I send a text to Jay and about 10 minutes later he emails to say he's finished.  Quick telephone call to get the breakdown details and he's going to finish up then get a cab over to us. Faye cheers up a bit.  Whilst I'm on the phone the son comes over to see if we're getting sorted etc. and apologising for us ending up in this mess.  Then as an after thought goes back to his car to get the superduper automatic car charger they used on his mum's car on the off chance it will start mine (oh, I wonder!).  The leads are attached, I get back in and turn the key and VROOM!!!!  We're back in business!  I was so relieved it started I didn't immediately feel cheesed off that they'd been there for half an hour before even offering to try it!!!

Anyway, all's well that ends well! BUT I am NEVER, EVER, EVER, going to help anyone EVER, EVER again!!! (well, until the next time someone needs help obviously..........!)

Now we just have to hope it starts again in the morning..............
Image result for cartoon broken down car

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My Non-Blog

It has been mentioned several times, by different people, over the last couple of weeks that there has been a distinct lack of blogging on my part.

Partly, this is due to being back at work full-time and being too tired / having no time or energy to blog!

It's also partly due to having a complete lack of inspiration - I still don't have any (refer to point above)!

End of blog!

(but I will return soon...........)

Monday, 19 September 2016


After much cleaning, tidying, patio making, it was finally all worth it to have everywhere looking nice for Billy's Christening!  The sun came out and it was a nice day so people could go outside and sit on our new patio area - to be honest, even if it had been chucking it down, I would have been pushing people outside just to make sure it got used!!  There was a gazebo so, hey, they wouldn't have gotten too wet!!
Billy looked gorgeous in his little Christening suit and Faye looked very pretty too.  We were very proud of them both!
Billy was so good through the service, he smiled at everyone and let Father Clive pick him up and tip water on his head without complaining once!  After all my fears, there were no tears or anything!  He was, however, clinging on to Father Clive's robe for dear life as he was tipped over the font - although Father Clive also had a good grip on the back of his waistcoat to make sure he didn't slip! The service was really lovely and Father Clive was great and humorous.

The after party went well (I think!).  It was lovely to catch up with friends and family and everyone seemed to have a good time.

All in all it was a very special day for a very special son and I feel very blessed and lucky!

Monday, 12 September 2016

All Wrapped Up!!

Well hello! It's been a while!

After a lovely holiday in beautiful Devon, life is beginning to return to normal! The kids are back at school and I have started a phased return at work. I'm only working mornings but by the time I've picked the kids up from school and got home to sort dinner I'm cream crackered!!  I am, however, enjoying bring back as I missed the people and the banter!

The only downer was getting a letter on Friday telling me I have got to have an angiogram - boooooo!   Stupidly I Googled it, why, I don't know. I always advise against Googling anything medical/health related but there I was, tapping away, to find out the horror awaiting me!! After scaring myself silly I had a very reassuring chat with a neighbour and felt much better!!

After a weekend of trying to tidy the house (although the kids were making more mess quicker than I sad tidying anything! 😡 bless them. .......) and gardening, I decided to try out my clay detox body wrap. For those who don't know, thus entails applying clay to the body, wrapping a bandage over the clay and/or wrapping clingfilm over that! Hmmmmm. ........ what could go wrong???

With a bit of help I got clayed, bandaged and clingfilmed. I looked like something out of a weird alien or horror movie! All I can say is thank god the kids didn't wake up,  they'd have been traumatised for life!!! I could barely move and decided the hour I had to be mummified for would be a good time to iron,  preferably without melting myself!! After the ironing I decided to go upstairs. Easier said than done. The stairs were a challenge and I rustled every time I moved. I thought I could watch a bit of tv until it was time to 'unwrap'. I couldn't get on the bed either! I just had to back up to the bed and fall backwards! Finally it was unwrap and shower time! Ordeal over with no harm done......or so I thought!  Unfortunately, on getting out of the shower, I slipped, falling backwards and smacking my elbow and side of the ribs on the windowsill on my way down and also sending most of the contents on the windowsill clattering into the bath. 'That must have startled everyone out of their sleep!' I hear you say, but no. Nothing. Zilch. No one heard a thing (or so they say!).  Needless to say, I may be detoxed, but I've just replaced any toxins with nice purple bruises!!!

What shall I try next. ...............?? 😂😂😂

Saturday, 13 August 2016


And it's finally complete!  Our 'new' trailer is finally finished!

There have been a few late nights, or rather early mornings, with a cold, numb bum from sitting on the car port floor, dropped paint pots, tripping over stuff and drills getting caught where they really shouldn't (not me obviously!!).  I now ache all over from trying to paint in awkward positions but at last it's all over!

Just hope the thing doesn't collapse under the weight of all our camping gear when we finally get it all loaded up!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

.....and the painting had started!!

Take a look at @teresa_hincks's Tweet:

Trailer making has begun!!

Take a look at @teresa_hincks's Tweet:

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Three days in a row (but I won't get smug as I already know I won't be going tomorrow!)

Yep, three days in a row I have been at the swimming pool by 6.50 am waiting for the doors to open - keen or what?!  I only managed 32 lengths today but did them in 40 minutes so not bad, but did do my 40 lengths in 50 minutes the first two days  (possibly because I don't spend so much time chatting as I did on the lunchtime swim!!).  The morning swimmers are very nice too but not the stop-for-a-rest-and-chat type.  There's the bubble whooper, who makes a weird, almost musical noise. It is the strangest noise I've ever heard, although it is probably amplified by the usually relatively quiet environment.  At first I thought someone's earphones had come out and it was their music burbling away under water but no, it was a swimmer.  Bubbling as he exhaled on his way down under the water and whooping as he inhaled on surfacing again.  Then there's the shark-granny who must be in her 80's and zips up and down the middle overtaking us all.  My consolation is that I've decided in her younger days she must have been a professional swimmer... to at least Olympic standards!

I've also stuck to my low carb diet for almost 5 days now (yes, that is a long time for me!), although only 3 days properly, and it seems to be working so I'll just have to stick to it for a while longer (quite a while longer......).  I can't say I'm ever really hungry but I do miss my juice and cheese on toast!

I took the kids to the cinema this morning with a couple of their friends and mum.  We were going to see Jungle Book until we'd heard it was a bit scary, especially for the younger two, so we ended up watching Finding Dory instead, which was good although one certain bit was a tad too emotional for us mums!  It was Billy's first trip to the cinema and although he was really good and watched the film, he kept changing his mind as to whether he liked it or not and kept asking to go home, the first time he asked was just as the film started!

The girls we went to the cinema with are having a sleepover here tonight so they're all very excited! The house is a complete mess but they seem happy and are having fun!  I did think about tidying up instead of doing this but then decided that would be pointless as it will only all come out again!  Might as well wait until they're tucked up in bed having their midnight feast which, of course, I know absolutely nothing about.......!

I did do some tidying and found an old high school shirt which had been signed when I left.  Lots of comments about a Stephen Ingle - it appeared significant as though I should really remember who he was, but I haven't got a clue!!

I might have to ask around as I'm curious now.........

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Kids away so a nice long lie-in? No chance

Nope! No lie-in, instead we were up at 5.30 am and off to a car boot sale with the car full, the roof box full, and the trailer well and truly (over)loaded!

My first promise was that everything we have cleared out will go,  one way or another 😕

It was supposed to be nice and sunny so I dressed accordingly, including flip flops, which I realised was a big mistake as I stepped out of the car onto the heavily dewed grass!! Naturally I was cold within minutes! I even looked at the baby socks I was selling and considered wearing them, one on each toe like little foot gloves!  Then someone bought them, so that was the end of that idea!

When I went to 'look' around myself a couple of hours later, I saw a very tempting pair of fluffy boot slippers, if only they were in my size! 

My second promise was that I wouldn't buy more stuff than we sold.

Well it should have been obvious that such a promise was completely unrealistic! By the end of the second row I had to sneak back to the car to unload my purchases before going off again to continue from where I left off.  Another 2 rows later I had to go back to the car again and felt it would be safer if I just didn't look anymore so I stayed put. Nearly. The lady next to us had some great fancy dress outfits for Billy to grow into........

By the end, the trailer was definitely a lot lighter and we dropped some "leftovers" off at a charity shop on the way to pick Billy up.  So at least my first promise is looking more likely to be kept.

Tired now but, on a positive note, after the 5.30am start this morning, 6.30am tomorrow morning to get my swimming back on schedule WILL seem like a lie-in!!😂😂😂 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Slipping schedule

Well I think I said my swimming schedule was likely to slip after a few days.....

In reality I've only managed it once so far! There are legitimate reasons,  obviously! With the exception of this morning, when I had every intention of going, but when the alarm went off at 6.30 I snoozed it, or at least I thought I had. I had actually turned it off so when I next looked at the clock it was nearly 7am, definitely too late to go! With a secret smile I cuddled back down into the duvet and went back to sleep 😴

There's always tomorrow.... 😉

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A bit of retail therapy

Now, most of you might see a trip to B & Q as more of a chore than an exciting trip, but then again I'm not exactly normal!!!

With the help of my dad, his roof bars and ladders, we went on a spree to B & Q to get all (or at least most) of the necessary stuff needed for us to build our trailer.  I was, possibly, overexcited about all my little pots of paint, and particularly my nice 'rounded' paint brushes!

After much browsing of the paints for the two main colours I needed  (making us late back for lunch) we left without my getting either of those!  Never mind, that just means more fun shopping to come!

I was very enthusiastic to show my poor partner all our goodies when he got home from work, he seemed more pensive by the amount of work involved than all my products though!  I have also been warned (several times - slightly unneccesary!)  that there's a lot of prepping and stuff to do, blah blah blah, before I can get any of my paint pots open though.

Maybe if I 'help' with the all prepping etc. it will speed things up to the painting bit......!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Early to bed and early to rise makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy and wise.....

Or maybe it could change to late to bed and early to rise just isn't a good idea.....

Hmmm..... well i wasn't exactly early to bed but I was early to rise (for me at least!) but I don't feel healthier, wealthier or wiser!!  In fact most of the first hour I was out of bed was spent talking to myself, I must be mad....I should still be in bed......what am I doing?

I was actually up late because I was googling trailer lid locks - exciting stuff huh?! (although I did find just the thing we want so that was nice!)

I got up at 6.30 am because of my new swimming plan.  Although in reality I was half out of bed anyway due to Billy coming in at 4.00 am and practically kicking me out!  Now the kids are on holiday I've decided to get to swimming for 7.00, swim 1/2 km, then get back home for 8.30 in time for the other half to go to work.  I did my 40 lengths in about 50 minutes and it was actually very successful - for me anyway!  Apparently Billy wasn't so pleased to wake up and find me missing!  Bless him, I'm sure he'll get used to it!  How long this early morning swimming regime will last for though is anyone's guess.  Yes I'm feeling all smug and pleased with myself now but, in a couple of weeks time (who am I kidding?!  more like a couple of days time!!), I will probably have had enough of it and will be looking for night-time swimming sessions instead!

I never was a morning person!

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Project Camping Trailer is a Go Go Go!!!

After our long weekend camping, it became painfully obvious that there was no way we had room for everything we need to take for a two week camping trip - hence the birth of Project Camping Trailer!

We have a trailer chassis which we can use to build a new trailer so we started today by piling all of our camping gear in the lounge to work out how big we need to build it (judging by the amount of stuff we have, the next thing we'll need is a bigger car, or preferably a large van, to pull the damn thing!!)

My personal opinion is the bigger the better but apparently there are some limits to size and weight......... (must have been made up by a man!)

However, after a lot of measuring, planning, changing our minds, re-measuring, re-planning, changing our minds back - you get the picture - we finally have a plan!

Tonight I've had lots of fun being creative, designing a lovely paint job for our new trailer, which I'm very excited about - if I can actually do it!  Art isn't my strong point!  If it all goes to plan you will see photos - if it doesn't then obviously you won't!!!

Friday, 22 July 2016

It's Summer!!! Time for camping and playing and enjoying the sunshine - whilst it lasts!!!

Yaaaaayyyy!!! The kids have broken up from school so it's 6 1/2 weeks of sun, fun and playing - or arguing, fighting, shouting and crying...........

We started well with a camping trip to Scratby Hall ( near Great Yarmouth for the first weekend of the hols and we picked a great weekend! The weather was great, lovely and sunny and hot.  Our schools generally break up about a week before the rest of the country so everywhere was reasonably quiet, which was great.  We had our new tent to try out so we were grateful for the weather in order for us to work out how to put it up. There is a lovely play are which kept the kids amused whilst we were sorting out and, although it's our 4th visit to this campsite, for the first time we found out there is a swimming pool too (although unfortunately this wasn't open when we were there - a drawback for finishing a week earlier than everyone else!. Typically, after much deliberation and changing of our minds (although surprisingly no arguments!!) we finally got the thing up and, on moving something else at the bottom of the bag, found the instructions! The porch took us a little longer to work out, even with the instructions, but we were finally set up and ready to go!  And the tent is HUGE!!!  The gazebo was put up and became our kitchen diner for the weekend and we had loads of space around us for the kids to play.  

Twiggle Village
Boggle Village
On Saturday we went to Bewilderwood (  Faye had picked a leaflet up from the Cambridge Services when we went to collect the tent and has been going on about how great it looked ever since - the main reason we ended up going to Yarmouth and not somewhere nice and local like Derby to test the tent out!  In fact, the place was great!  We spent the day looking for Twiggles (live in the trees) and Boggles (live in the swamps) and got a surprise from Mildred, the Crocklebog who lives in the Scaaaaaaaaary Lake!  There were tree houses, sky walks, zip wires, and slides.  It was great fun and, again, thankfully not too busy.  Each area had something for all ages so the kids both loved it and could play on the same things - full size for older kids and adults and a smaller version for toddlers, although to be fair Billy was on the normal stuff with Faye most of the time, with the exception of the zip wire - but he loved the toddler version!  There was even a play area for children with special needs.  I would highly recommend it to anyone in that area, it wasn't cheap but wasn't too bad and you get discount vouchers in the Great Yarmouth 'what's on' leaflets (helpfully Faye had collected these too!)
Errrr........ Twiggly Boggly Village??? 
A pair of little Crocklebogs!

Mildred the Crocklebog
Sky Walk

Back on the campsite we watched the black clouds rolling in and had a couple of light showers.  It was still warm so the kids kicked their shoes off and ran around on the wet grass with bare feet and loved it!  It was actually quite cooling and refreshing!  We had a barbecue and, just as we'd finished cooking (yes, that is the royal 'we', I didn't cook a thing!), the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down.  We watched it from the gazebo whilst we ate and waited for it to slow down a bit before making a run for it into the tent!

Sunday was seaside day!  We went to the beach by the Britannia Pier in Yarmouth, paddled in the sea, the kids went on donkey rides and we played on the amusements.

Monday was so lovely again we were tempted to stay for another night but resisted and packed everything back up.  Went into Yarmouth again in the afternoon, looked around some shops, got a bite to eat and played on the crazy golf (, which was really good, although Billy looked like he was playing hockey rather than golf!  Then it was ice creams and back in the car to come home.

Tuesday was spent moving a greenhouse over from our late next door neighbour's garden to our garden (his family had very kindly said we could have it, we didn't just nip over and pinch it!) and the kids barely moved off the sofa or away from the telly
all day!

Wednesday was shopping and separating the kids, who by then had started arguing and falling out.

Yesterday we had friends come round for the kids to play and we all went to the park in the afternoon, it was slightly cooler and more bearable so was really lovely to be out in.

Today the kids are fed up because we're sorting out wardrobes and clothes etc.  I know, I know, not the most exciting thing for them to do but, as I told them, if we get all the boring stuff out of the way now we can have the rest of the holidays for fun things!  They weren't convinced either but one down and one to go!!!

Sorting clothes is sooooo tiring!!
In fact it is that boring that I've taken pity on them and let them loose in the garden whilst I write this and book our next camping holiday for the end of the hols!

Everything seems better already!!!

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

School, kids, tears and laughter

Well it's been an eventful few days, so I thought I'd share the events with you all.  Aren't you lucky!!!

First there was the shopping trip, we didn't need much to I went on my own.  I managed to avoid trolley rage, although only just as it was packed!  To add to my distress the shop had decided to move everything around so it took me ages to find half the stuff I would normally just go and pick up straight away.  Why do they do that???  Anyway, after eventually finding everything and queueing at the till for what seemed like forever, I finally got to unload my trolley and, in a state of elation, I managed to drop the eggs between the trolley and the conveyor belt (obviously dodgy packaging!!), getting smashed eggs and all over the floor and the belt.  I could sense everyone in the queue behind me glaring at me for being so stupid,  Of course the lady at the till then had to call someone (to get me some more eggs) and proceed to clean up, which I helped with hoping to get the ordeal over as quickly as possible.  By this time people had started moving away in despair and frustration, to joining the back of another mile long queue...... I was mortified!

Next we had the school fete, which was very good!  The team that had organised it all had done a really good job and there was loads of stuff for the kids to do.  Once they were all glitter tattooed up and faces painted it was time for throwing sponges at the Deputy Head, tombolas and all the other stalls.  Even Spiderman turned up, which Billy loved until he got a bit too close and then he legged it to Daddy to save him!

Yesterday we got the dreaded school report and found out which classes out little bundles of joy are going to be in next year.  This turned out to be a very stressful time due to the group of girls all being put in the same class bar one.  I still don't understand how they decided who goes where but it did seem very unfair to leave one girl out of the group separated from all her friends.  She was devastated and Faye sobbed all the way home and more.  It obviously seemed like the end of the world to them, even though I did try to tell her that they would still each other at playtimes and lunch, it's not as if she was moving to another country!  It didn't help.  Thankfully the school have managed to sort things so that they all stay together - and the school report was excellent so something positive came out of it!!

This morning I had a hospital appointment and pleased to be coming off Warfarin, woop woop!!!! . The new drug doesn't have to be monitored so no more blood tests and stabbing from the nurse and no more bleeding on the floor!!!  Yaaaaaayyyy!!!

Swimming was a real effort today though, I blame the four vials of blood I was drained of earlier......  I still managed to do my 40 lengths, just.  It was also possibly partly due to having a real laugh with one of the other swimmers, mainly at the expense of the new life guard.  Honestly, think of a twiglet and that was him!  I prayed none of us got into difficulties as there is no way he would have been able to drag anyone out!!  Bless him!  I swear he was leaning on the hoist post most of the time because he was struggling with the weight of the life buoy thing on his back!!  We have now affectionately nicknamed him 'Cotton Bud' :)  I was laughing that much I think I must have swallowed half of the pool.  Another lesson learnt - swimming and laughter, although enjoyable, aren't a good mix if you don't want to drown!!

Well, off now to meet the new teacher - hopefully the school run will be a little less dramatic and traumatic today!!

Barking Mad - 150 word story for Writerly Corner

Flash fiction prompt provided by

Barking Mad

The excitement was palpable as I raced around the house.  Food being prepared, decorations going up ready for the party tonight. I love parties.  I wandered into the kitchen, looking for spare food but I was shooed way.  I went to help with the decorations instead. I started rifling through a box, finding some stars and stripes glasses.  As I was playing with them on the floor one of the children picked them up and put them on my face. I pretended I couldn’t see and started running into things and barking madly, making the children roar with laughter.  I could see perfectly well, but I liked making the children laugh.  It usually meant I got extra treats and I wasn’t disappointed.  I sat in my basket contentedly watching all the guests arrive and knew I wasn’t going to be short of food or fuss for the next few hours.

Thursday, 30 June 2016



It worked!  The thing actually fizzed away!  Although it did sink to the bottom of the bath like a lead balloon!  Apparently the cornstarch (which I didn't use as I didn't know what it was) is what helps the bombs to float.  It was so big and heavy though that I doubt anything short of an industrial buoy would have kept it on top of the water!!

The kids liked it though, and were suitably impressed that I'd made it myself.  Needless to say that want to have a go now so it looks like another shopping trip is in order!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Get me!!! My first bath bomb has been made, I'm still in one piece and so is the house!!

Admit it, you thought it would all go horribly wrong!

Now, although it's made, it was a bit tricky getting the water quantity right and, if I'm honest, I thought I'd messed it up.

I don't have any proper moulds so I used a small hollow Easter egg. The instructions tell you to slightly overfill each half of the mould then clip it together. Tap the mould to release the bomb and leave it to dry.  Easy huh? Hmmmmmm maybe not......

I compacted my mixture in well (got a bit creative at this point and put a different colour in the middle of each half so that it, hopefully, changes as it fizzes away).  There was no way may halves were going to clip together or even stay together, and as for tapping them to release anything, forget it!! 

I wedged one half on top of the other and squashed it together as much as I could, then balanced it in a cup, said a little prayer and left it to go swimming (me not the bath bomb).

Swimming was very busy today and I managed to swallow half the pool 😱, but I did my 1 km and the little voice in my head kept its mouth shut!

On my return home I was pleased, and surprised, to find my 'egg' halves had in fact stuck together!!   Unfortunately  they also appeared to have stuck really well to my make-shift mould! Several minutes of squeezing and bashing the thing on the work top, my egg bath bomb gave up and came out! It looks a bit rough around the edges but it's ok and smells lovely. The kids are generally easily pleased so I'm really looking forward to proudly presenting them with my homemade bath bomb - I just hope the damn thing whizzes around the bath fizzing!! I'll let you know how that one goes!!!

In the meantime, if you fancy giving it a go yourself, I followed the recipe given on the following link, which also gives instructions for loads of other stuff too so worth checking it out!!

If I get a chance, and work out how to do it, I'll start a new page for recipes/instructions and put the details on there.

To ouch or not to ouch

Well it seems the nurse was in a reasonable mood today, considering she's back off holiday AND it's raining!

As she went to select the same finger to stab, I subtly asked if she could use a different finger as that one bruised and hurt for a while afterwards last time.  She did ask if that normally happened and I told her no, I've had it done on all different fingers previously and never had a problem before, suggesting that finger obviously just took an objection to it on that occasion.... (see, I can be subtle and nice sometimes!)

So we went through the same bleeding-on-the-floor process as before but, I have to admit, the needle didn't hurt today!  Maybe my subtlety was taken on board and she was more gentle this time.  Unfortunately my reading was too high so, whilst she went to see the Dr, I took the opportunity of nabbing some tape and taping the cotton wool to my finger myself!  Turns out it is much easier to drive like this as opposed to trying to hold the cotton wool on or bleeding all over the steering wheel!

For my sins though, I now have to go back and go through it all again on Friday, 2 days' reprieve!!  As Billy would have put it, "Not fair!!", although I did manage to restrain from stamping my feet in protest.

Ah well, I'm now back in the comfort of my own home, Billy has been taken to safety by Nanna and Grandad, so it's bath bomb time!  I've got all my ingredients out in the kitchen, the instructions on the lap top, worryingly there seem to be lots of steps I have to take to stop the ingredients 'reacting' with each other - what could possible go wrong?!!!

If you never see me again, it's been nice to chat and bore you all!!!

Bleeding INR check

Since leaving hospital I had been having to go to hospital once or twice every week for an INR check.  I have never had a  problem with injections or needles so I was never bothered by this.  It never took very long and was always a quick and efficient process. Sit down, small needle prick to a finger, drop of blood on the reader, and a bit of cotton wool taped on my finger. Quick and painless.

However, once I'd had a couple of readings within range, the hospital discharged me to my GP surgery for this pleasure.

The process here is completely different, quite bizarre, and to be completely honest, bloody painful!!

Here I sat down and had a couple of paper towels thrown down on the floor at my feet. Next my finger was stabbed with what felt like a knitting needle, one of those really thick ones, and I was instructed to hold my finger down over the paper towels.  Once 2 or 3 drops of blood had dropped and splattered on the towels, the nurse then caught a drop of blood on the reader, instructing me to return thavingding on the paper towels until she was sure the reader was working. Once satisfied she then gave me a bit of cotton wool to hold on my finger, which was already bruising..... 

Whilst watching my finger turn blue I distracted myself by working out if she was just in a bad mood, but no. She was going on holiday and seemed very cheerful and happy.

Typically I smiled and thanked her as I left, wondering, even as the words were coming out of my mouth, what the hell I was actually thanking her for.

Thankfully, partly due to her being on holiday, I was given a 2 week reprieve. Good job too as it took almost a week for my finger to recover from the abuse and trauma!!

Unfortunately today is the day I have to go back.  I'm not looking forward to it and I'm having a dilemma as to whether to say something or not. I don't want to upset her and risk even more pain but on the other have if I make some might light-hearted comment with a smile, maybe she'll be more gentle with me!!

I just hope that being back of holiday hasn't put her in a bad mood 😕

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I'm still here......

....although that may be because I haven't attempted the bath bomb yet!!  Although I have looked up a few recipes and have finally found one where I have all the necessary ingredients!  (What IS cornstarch anyway??). I then decided there wasn't enough time to blow myself and/or the house up before picking the kids up from school so everything is safe for another day.........

I did make it to swimming again and after my little energy burst yesterday (40 lengths!!!), which we worked out was the equivalent to 1 km, I now feel obliged to make 40 lengths my target. Why oh why did I have to do 40 lengths!  30 lengths was nice.  I liked 30 lengths.  But nooooo, now that little voice in my head won't let me do 30 lengths anymore, because it knows I can do 40.....  I can see I'm going to have to start thinking of excuses to go back down to 30, good enough to shut up that little voice in my head!

The little voice appeared again as I was standing outside the school, the rain hammering down, getting soaked...... in my flip flops.  Yes, I did think about changing my shoes as I left the house as it had started to drizzle, but it would have made me late and it was just a shower.  Unfortunately, that shower just got heavier and heavier.  Still, wet feet dry easily!

I think I should name it, the voice in my head, any suggestions?

We also had someone else come home with us, Wormy (if you haven't guessed, Wormy is a worm) and Billy's new 'pet'.  His last pet, who came home with him a couple of weeks ago, was Slimy the snail, who's only mission was to escape, preferably in the car on the way home.  Slimy, unfortunately, is no more.  Wormy at least had the decency to stay put on the journey home and is now slowly making its way around an indent in the lid it was brought home in. It doesn't seem as intent on escaping but it will still be going out in the garden before long!

Scrub that, I've just been out to put the dinner on and come back to find Wormy making a run for it (if worms can run) across the table.  Needless to say, he has now been evicted to the garden!!

Monday, 27 June 2016

150 word story for Writerly Corner

Family time

Finally we all piled into the car.  This was already turning into a traumatic event – so much for the family spending more quality time together!  It was supposed to be a lovely day and, in a moment of madness, I’d suggested a daytrip to the seaside.  Whilst the youngest two of our clan, aged 5 and 9, thought this was a great idea and bounded out of their beds, our 12 year old-going-on-teenager was less than impressed with the idea of spending a WHOLE day with his family.  Undeterred a picnic was packed and the car loaded up.  The shingle beach crunched under our feet as we found the perfect spot.  The sea was calm and the sky was blue.  I breathed a sigh of satisfaction as even zombie-teenager showed a glimpse of being human, taking off his shoes and running around, laughing and playing with his brother and sister.

Renewed energy and hopefully a bit of fizz!

Well after suffering a bug and the elections, I missed swimming completely last week.

This week I'm making a renewed effort! I even contemplated trying the gym out before swimming, then I made myself a cup of coffee, sat down and gave myself a good talking to for even thinking of such a thing!!  Needless to say, I've only made it in time for swimming!

However, this is after a trip to the local health shop in search of essential oils and Wilkos home brewing section for some citric acid (although at that point the wine making kit was looking more tempting!!).  Let me explain.  A few weeks ago I introduced the kids to the world of bath bombs. What a mistake - they love them!! Of course they do, who wouldn't?!  They also cost a bomb (another reason for their name maybe!).  After the  disappointment on their faces when I said these were treats and not for every bath time, I decided to see how hard they are to make.  If I believe the numerous 'easy' recipes, it should be a doddle!! Hence the purchase of the above to give it a go!

This is a great activity for kids, apparently, although I think I should definitely check it out first in case a) I manage to blow myself, the house, or both up (I have a strong feeling that me and anything with the word bomb in it is destined for disaster!); or b) it turns out to be far too much fun for kids!

Watch this space..................

Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Very Sad Day

On Friday we said goodbye to a very special man, our neighbour of 11 years, Grampy Cliff. He was so lovely, he always had a cheeky smile on his face and was always out and about, whether he was off to the bowls club or out for lunch. He had a better social life than anyone else I know.  We often used to chat out the front or over the garden wall. He'd give the kids some of his tomatoes and once, when Faye was little, she said she had something for him too. She ran off and came back and gave him a handful of gravel, he acted as though it was the best present he'd ever had and I can still remember her beaming, so pleased that he liked her gift. He was loved by us all and he's going to be missed so much.

Rest In Peace Grampy Cliff ❤ xxx

Thursday, 16 June 2016


My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Jo Cox's family.

The whole point of democracy is that we are each entitled to our own opinion. Disagreeing with someone else's viewpoint does not give anyone the right to kill them.

It makes no difference whether you're in the Remain camp or the Brexit camp. Everyone's decision is based on things that are important to them and no-one has the right to tell anyone else how they should or shouldn't feel about any of it. People are allowed to be passionate and express their thoughts, that doesn't mean everyone will agree with them, and they wouldn't be expected to, but we live in a democratic country and we all have the right to express our views.  We are all allowed to make our own decision, vote accordingly and be safe doing so.

That's what democracy is all about.

Tranquil Thursdays

As it was!

Whether people were staying away to watch the footy I don't know, but, whatever the reason, the pool was practically empty!  I even managed 32 lengths!

The highlight of the trip though was on my way in, following two women who were going to the gym.  One of whom had the littlest shorts on imaginable, I mean, they didn't even attempt to cover her bum cheeks.  Now there are some women, even I can appreciate, who would have the figure to carry those shorts off and look sickeningly great in them.  However, she unfortunately was not one of those people but apparently was of the opinion she was......

Nevertheless, I admire her bravery and confidence - and it amused me no end!!!


Without any offence to any other countries....


Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I have been reliably informed that there have been some problems with leaving comments on my blog - hopefully this has now been sorted but, if you do have any problems, please let me know!

Wednesday - Super Swimmer's Day?

Well it's taken a few days but I finally made it back to the pool! Not only to swim,  but to SIGN UP! I now have a full gym membership (but daytime only, they don't want me scaring the 'proper' gym people away obviously!!).  What have I done??!! Groan. .... Ok, I'll admit it, I have only signed up on a non-contractual basis because, while I'm off work and free in the daytime, it was the cheapest option! I do now, however, have full access to the gym, pool, and sauna  (within my times of course) and my joining fee was waived ad long as I liked the pool and shared a post on Facebook.  So, all in all, it's a win-win! Now though I actually have to go there at least 2 to 3 times a week to make it worthwhile! Who knows, maybe I'll even try out the gym one day.......

There was an additional problem of the previous company not cancelling my prior membership properly and when I was asked if I was a 'frozen member', all I could think of was Disney and I just stood looking blankly at the poor lady with the lyrics of 'Let it go' going round unhelpfully in my head!!

Anyway, it all got sorted and I finally made it into the pool, 45 mins later than planned but optimistic I could still get a few lengths in. It was busier today, mainly with the pensioner elites who were whizzing up and down the pool at a speed which did nothing for my self esteem.  Neither did the gentleman who very politely asked "are you still resting love?" as I was doing goldfish impressions getting my breath back at the end of pool, because he didn't want to push in ahead of me. Push in as much as you like I thought as I tried to smile sweetly and waved him past.  I didn't think I'd been 'resting' long enough to warrant the still in the question though!!

Hopefully I'll get chance to go again tomorrow before the football starts - maybe Thursdays are quieter!!

Monday, 13 June 2016

My first '81 words' entry

It was actually much harder to do this than I thought it would be!! Give it a go!!

The Dress

“Buy me!” the gorgeous dress in the little boutique seemed to say again as she walked past, but she had nowhere to wear it. She sighed as she continued on to the bar for a much needed glass of Pinot Grigio. She noticed he was here again. He looked nervous. As he passed her table he slipped her a piece of paper. She read it and smiled, leaving the bar and practically skipping back to the boutique to claim the dress.


I need help!  Something many people have probably thought for a long time but I actually mean help with this blogging lark!

If anyone else blogs then maybe you could give me some tips.

If you don't blog and just have the misfortune of coming across mine, then maybe you can inspire me on what to blog about!  My life really isn't all that interesting and I don't want to bore people!

I started this thing as I want to start writing - so if there are any writers out there, maybe you could help me with tips on how and/or where to start?

Hope to hear from someone soon!!!

Friday, 10 June 2016


Well, after more than 6 months of inactivity I decided to go swimming today. I've not been swimming properly for, I don't know, must be over 2 years! Our local pool had been revamped and I felt quite nervous on the way but it turned out to be a much better experience than I expected! It was lunchtime so it wasn't too busy.  There were 3 lanes and I, obviously, chose the slow one! Even then I was still overtaken by a gentleman almost twice my age! But I stuck at it, stopping every two lengths to get my breath back and happy that most of the other swimmers were doing the same! I was obviously 'resting' a lot as I seemed to have the same "Oooo the water's cold!" "Oh don't worry you'll soon warm up!" conversation several times! I made 20 lengths before my mind started trying to make excuses to get out, you need the loo, no I don't, you're tummy's rumbling, you need to eat, No, I  don't! However tempting it was to give in and get out, by this time I was determined I was going to make 30 lengths - and I did! I was stupidly chuffed with myself!  At which point I really did need the loo and learned 2 important lessons 1) always check the loo roll situation before sitting down, and 2) never go to the loo in a wet swimsuit as once down,  it ain't going back up! I was more knackered wrestling myself back into my swimsuit than I was doing the 30 lengths!! I even considered risking it and legging it back to my locker half 'dressed' but decided that would only end even more badly! I finally made it to the shower and discovered it took a minimum of 20 presses of the button to get the shampoo out of the frizzy mop that is my hair. Hardly a power shower!  Lesson 3) the shower gets increasingly hotter with each press of the button......😕  With all my lessons learnt, I'm now actually looking forward to going back next week!

Why I'm doing this!

I'm 43 years old and live in Leicestershire with my family, my daughter is 9 and my son is 3. I'm currently off work and one day,  when complaining about being bored, my best friend told me to write a book. I laughed at the idea, but it kept coming back to me and I thought "why not?".  Having no idea where to start I turned to my ever handy phone and Google. There were lots of sites to submit short stories to etc., all providing links to add to your blog. Hmmmm.... a blog. I didn't have one. I didn't know how to get one. I didn't know how to use one and I still don't! And so it was back to Google I went again! I have now, somehow, managed to create this! What I'm supposed to do with it now I have no idea! I guess I'm just going to have to play it by ear and see what happens! If anyone ever actually reads this, any tips would be greatly appreciated!!