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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wednesday - Super Swimmer's Day?

Well it's taken a few days but I finally made it back to the pool! Not only to swim,  but to SIGN UP! I now have a full gym membership (but daytime only, they don't want me scaring the 'proper' gym people away obviously!!).  What have I done??!! Groan. .... Ok, I'll admit it, I have only signed up on a non-contractual basis because, while I'm off work and free in the daytime, it was the cheapest option! I do now, however, have full access to the gym, pool, and sauna  (within my times of course) and my joining fee was waived ad long as I liked the pool and shared a post on Facebook.  So, all in all, it's a win-win! Now though I actually have to go there at least 2 to 3 times a week to make it worthwhile! Who knows, maybe I'll even try out the gym one day.......

There was an additional problem of the previous company not cancelling my prior membership properly and when I was asked if I was a 'frozen member', all I could think of was Disney and I just stood looking blankly at the poor lady with the lyrics of 'Let it go' going round unhelpfully in my head!!

Anyway, it all got sorted and I finally made it into the pool, 45 mins later than planned but optimistic I could still get a few lengths in. It was busier today, mainly with the pensioner elites who were whizzing up and down the pool at a speed which did nothing for my self esteem.  Neither did the gentleman who very politely asked "are you still resting love?" as I was doing goldfish impressions getting my breath back at the end of pool, because he didn't want to push in ahead of me. Push in as much as you like I thought as I tried to smile sweetly and waved him past.  I didn't think I'd been 'resting' long enough to warrant the still in the question though!!

Hopefully I'll get chance to go again tomorrow before the football starts - maybe Thursdays are quieter!!

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