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Monday, 13 June 2016


I need help!  Something many people have probably thought for a long time but I actually mean help with this blogging lark!

If anyone else blogs then maybe you could give me some tips.

If you don't blog and just have the misfortune of coming across mine, then maybe you can inspire me on what to blog about!  My life really isn't all that interesting and I don't want to bore people!

I started this thing as I want to start writing - so if there are any writers out there, maybe you could help me with tips on how and/or where to start?

Hope to hear from someone soon!!!


  1. I just tried to respond to your blog bit came unstuck. So (although I'm obviously not the best person to take advice from lol) * keep a diary * write from the heart, what interests YOU * try and have s routine - loads of writers say this, but I strongly suspect that these routines regularly fall apart when real life kicks in. I haven't given up yet, but whenever I write, something else doesn't get done. Good luck, I reckon you'll be good at it. Your hospital blog was very popular, wasn't it! xx

    1. Thanks BT! Your advice, as always, is appreciated ☺