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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

To ouch or not to ouch

Well it seems the nurse was in a reasonable mood today, considering she's back off holiday AND it's raining!

As she went to select the same finger to stab, I subtly asked if she could use a different finger as that one bruised and hurt for a while afterwards last time.  She did ask if that normally happened and I told her no, I've had it done on all different fingers previously and never had a problem before, suggesting that finger obviously just took an objection to it on that occasion.... (see, I can be subtle and nice sometimes!)

So we went through the same bleeding-on-the-floor process as before but, I have to admit, the needle didn't hurt today!  Maybe my subtlety was taken on board and she was more gentle this time.  Unfortunately my reading was too high so, whilst she went to see the Dr, I took the opportunity of nabbing some tape and taping the cotton wool to my finger myself!  Turns out it is much easier to drive like this as opposed to trying to hold the cotton wool on or bleeding all over the steering wheel!

For my sins though, I now have to go back and go through it all again on Friday, 2 days' reprieve!!  As Billy would have put it, "Not fair!!", although I did manage to restrain from stamping my feet in protest.

Ah well, I'm now back in the comfort of my own home, Billy has been taken to safety by Nanna and Grandad, so it's bath bomb time!  I've got all my ingredients out in the kitchen, the instructions on the lap top, worryingly there seem to be lots of steps I have to take to stop the ingredients 'reacting' with each other - what could possible go wrong?!!!

If you never see me again, it's been nice to chat and bore you all!!!

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