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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I'm still here......

....although that may be because I haven't attempted the bath bomb yet!!  Although I have looked up a few recipes and have finally found one where I have all the necessary ingredients!  (What IS cornstarch anyway??). I then decided there wasn't enough time to blow myself and/or the house up before picking the kids up from school so everything is safe for another day.........

I did make it to swimming again and after my little energy burst yesterday (40 lengths!!!), which we worked out was the equivalent to 1 km, I now feel obliged to make 40 lengths my target. Why oh why did I have to do 40 lengths!  30 lengths was nice.  I liked 30 lengths.  But nooooo, now that little voice in my head won't let me do 30 lengths anymore, because it knows I can do 40.....  I can see I'm going to have to start thinking of excuses to go back down to 30, good enough to shut up that little voice in my head!

The little voice appeared again as I was standing outside the school, the rain hammering down, getting soaked...... in my flip flops.  Yes, I did think about changing my shoes as I left the house as it had started to drizzle, but it would have made me late and it was just a shower.  Unfortunately, that shower just got heavier and heavier.  Still, wet feet dry easily!

I think I should name it, the voice in my head, any suggestions?

We also had someone else come home with us, Wormy (if you haven't guessed, Wormy is a worm) and Billy's new 'pet'.  His last pet, who came home with him a couple of weeks ago, was Slimy the snail, who's only mission was to escape, preferably in the car on the way home.  Slimy, unfortunately, is no more.  Wormy at least had the decency to stay put on the journey home and is now slowly making its way around an indent in the lid it was brought home in. It doesn't seem as intent on escaping but it will still be going out in the garden before long!

Scrub that, I've just been out to put the dinner on and come back to find Wormy making a run for it (if worms can run) across the table.  Needless to say, he has now been evicted to the garden!!

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