Thursday, 30 June 2016



It worked!  The thing actually fizzed away!  Although it did sink to the bottom of the bath like a lead balloon!  Apparently the cornstarch (which I didn't use as I didn't know what it was) is what helps the bombs to float.  It was so big and heavy though that I doubt anything short of an industrial buoy would have kept it on top of the water!!

The kids liked it though, and were suitably impressed that I'd made it myself.  Needless to say that want to have a go now so it looks like another shopping trip is in order!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Get me!!! My first bath bomb has been made, I'm still in one piece and so is the house!!

Admit it, you thought it would all go horribly wrong!

Now, although it's made, it was a bit tricky getting the water quantity right and, if I'm honest, I thought I'd messed it up.

I don't have any proper moulds so I used a small hollow Easter egg. The instructions tell you to slightly overfill each half of the mould then clip it together. Tap the mould to release the bomb and leave it to dry.  Easy huh? Hmmmmmm maybe not......

I compacted my mixture in well (got a bit creative at this point and put a different colour in the middle of each half so that it, hopefully, changes as it fizzes away).  There was no way may halves were going to clip together or even stay together, and as for tapping them to release anything, forget it!! 

I wedged one half on top of the other and squashed it together as much as I could, then balanced it in a cup, said a little prayer and left it to go swimming (me not the bath bomb).

Swimming was very busy today and I managed to swallow half the pool 😱, but I did my 1 km and the little voice in my head kept its mouth shut!

On my return home I was pleased, and surprised, to find my 'egg' halves had in fact stuck together!!   Unfortunately  they also appeared to have stuck really well to my make-shift mould! Several minutes of squeezing and bashing the thing on the work top, my egg bath bomb gave up and came out! It looks a bit rough around the edges but it's ok and smells lovely. The kids are generally easily pleased so I'm really looking forward to proudly presenting them with my homemade bath bomb - I just hope the damn thing whizzes around the bath fizzing!! I'll let you know how that one goes!!!

In the meantime, if you fancy giving it a go yourself, I followed the recipe given on the following link, which also gives instructions for loads of other stuff too so worth checking it out!!

If I get a chance, and work out how to do it, I'll start a new page for recipes/instructions and put the details on there.

To ouch or not to ouch

Well it seems the nurse was in a reasonable mood today, considering she's back off holiday AND it's raining!

As she went to select the same finger to stab, I subtly asked if she could use a different finger as that one bruised and hurt for a while afterwards last time.  She did ask if that normally happened and I told her no, I've had it done on all different fingers previously and never had a problem before, suggesting that finger obviously just took an objection to it on that occasion.... (see, I can be subtle and nice sometimes!)

So we went through the same bleeding-on-the-floor process as before but, I have to admit, the needle didn't hurt today!  Maybe my subtlety was taken on board and she was more gentle this time.  Unfortunately my reading was too high so, whilst she went to see the Dr, I took the opportunity of nabbing some tape and taping the cotton wool to my finger myself!  Turns out it is much easier to drive like this as opposed to trying to hold the cotton wool on or bleeding all over the steering wheel!

For my sins though, I now have to go back and go through it all again on Friday, 2 days' reprieve!!  As Billy would have put it, "Not fair!!", although I did manage to restrain from stamping my feet in protest.

Ah well, I'm now back in the comfort of my own home, Billy has been taken to safety by Nanna and Grandad, so it's bath bomb time!  I've got all my ingredients out in the kitchen, the instructions on the lap top, worryingly there seem to be lots of steps I have to take to stop the ingredients 'reacting' with each other - what could possible go wrong?!!!

If you never see me again, it's been nice to chat and bore you all!!!

Bleeding INR check

Since leaving hospital I had been having to go to hospital once or twice every week for an INR check.  I have never had a  problem with injections or needles so I was never bothered by this.  It never took very long and was always a quick and efficient process. Sit down, small needle prick to a finger, drop of blood on the reader, and a bit of cotton wool taped on my finger. Quick and painless.

However, once I'd had a couple of readings within range, the hospital discharged me to my GP surgery for this pleasure.

The process here is completely different, quite bizarre, and to be completely honest, bloody painful!!

Here I sat down and had a couple of paper towels thrown down on the floor at my feet. Next my finger was stabbed with what felt like a knitting needle, one of those really thick ones, and I was instructed to hold my finger down over the paper towels.  Once 2 or 3 drops of blood had dropped and splattered on the towels, the nurse then caught a drop of blood on the reader, instructing me to return thavingding on the paper towels until she was sure the reader was working. Once satisfied she then gave me a bit of cotton wool to hold on my finger, which was already bruising..... 

Whilst watching my finger turn blue I distracted myself by working out if she was just in a bad mood, but no. She was going on holiday and seemed very cheerful and happy.

Typically I smiled and thanked her as I left, wondering, even as the words were coming out of my mouth, what the hell I was actually thanking her for.

Thankfully, partly due to her being on holiday, I was given a 2 week reprieve. Good job too as it took almost a week for my finger to recover from the abuse and trauma!!

Unfortunately today is the day I have to go back.  I'm not looking forward to it and I'm having a dilemma as to whether to say something or not. I don't want to upset her and risk even more pain but on the other have if I make some might light-hearted comment with a smile, maybe she'll be more gentle with me!!

I just hope that being back of holiday hasn't put her in a bad mood 😕

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

I'm still here......

....although that may be because I haven't attempted the bath bomb yet!!  Although I have looked up a few recipes and have finally found one where I have all the necessary ingredients!  (What IS cornstarch anyway??). I then decided there wasn't enough time to blow myself and/or the house up before picking the kids up from school so everything is safe for another day.........

I did make it to swimming again and after my little energy burst yesterday (40 lengths!!!), which we worked out was the equivalent to 1 km, I now feel obliged to make 40 lengths my target. Why oh why did I have to do 40 lengths!  30 lengths was nice.  I liked 30 lengths.  But nooooo, now that little voice in my head won't let me do 30 lengths anymore, because it knows I can do 40.....  I can see I'm going to have to start thinking of excuses to go back down to 30, good enough to shut up that little voice in my head!

The little voice appeared again as I was standing outside the school, the rain hammering down, getting soaked...... in my flip flops.  Yes, I did think about changing my shoes as I left the house as it had started to drizzle, but it would have made me late and it was just a shower.  Unfortunately, that shower just got heavier and heavier.  Still, wet feet dry easily!

I think I should name it, the voice in my head, any suggestions?

We also had someone else come home with us, Wormy (if you haven't guessed, Wormy is a worm) and Billy's new 'pet'.  His last pet, who came home with him a couple of weeks ago, was Slimy the snail, who's only mission was to escape, preferably in the car on the way home.  Slimy, unfortunately, is no more.  Wormy at least had the decency to stay put on the journey home and is now slowly making its way around an indent in the lid it was brought home in. It doesn't seem as intent on escaping but it will still be going out in the garden before long!

Scrub that, I've just been out to put the dinner on and come back to find Wormy making a run for it (if worms can run) across the table.  Needless to say, he has now been evicted to the garden!!

Monday, 27 June 2016

150 word story for Writerly Corner

Family time

Finally we all piled into the car.  This was already turning into a traumatic event – so much for the family spending more quality time together!  It was supposed to be a lovely day and, in a moment of madness, I’d suggested a daytrip to the seaside.  Whilst the youngest two of our clan, aged 5 and 9, thought this was a great idea and bounded out of their beds, our 12 year old-going-on-teenager was less than impressed with the idea of spending a WHOLE day with his family.  Undeterred a picnic was packed and the car loaded up.  The shingle beach crunched under our feet as we found the perfect spot.  The sea was calm and the sky was blue.  I breathed a sigh of satisfaction as even zombie-teenager showed a glimpse of being human, taking off his shoes and running around, laughing and playing with his brother and sister.

Renewed energy and hopefully a bit of fizz!

Well after suffering a bug and the elections, I missed swimming completely last week.

This week I'm making a renewed effort! I even contemplated trying the gym out before swimming, then I made myself a cup of coffee, sat down and gave myself a good talking to for even thinking of such a thing!!  Needless to say, I've only made it in time for swimming!

However, this is after a trip to the local health shop in search of essential oils and Wilkos home brewing section for some citric acid (although at that point the wine making kit was looking more tempting!!).  Let me explain.  A few weeks ago I introduced the kids to the world of bath bombs. What a mistake - they love them!! Of course they do, who wouldn't?!  They also cost a bomb (another reason for their name maybe!).  After the  disappointment on their faces when I said these were treats and not for every bath time, I decided to see how hard they are to make.  If I believe the numerous 'easy' recipes, it should be a doddle!! Hence the purchase of the above to give it a go!

This is a great activity for kids, apparently, although I think I should definitely check it out first in case a) I manage to blow myself, the house, or both up (I have a strong feeling that me and anything with the word bomb in it is destined for disaster!); or b) it turns out to be far too much fun for kids!

Watch this space..................

Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Very Sad Day

On Friday we said goodbye to a very special man, our neighbour of 11 years, Grampy Cliff. He was so lovely, he always had a cheeky smile on his face and was always out and about, whether he was off to the bowls club or out for lunch. He had a better social life than anyone else I know.  We often used to chat out the front or over the garden wall. He'd give the kids some of his tomatoes and once, when Faye was little, she said she had something for him too. She ran off and came back and gave him a handful of gravel, he acted as though it was the best present he'd ever had and I can still remember her beaming, so pleased that he liked her gift. He was loved by us all and he's going to be missed so much.

Rest In Peace Grampy Cliff ❤ xxx

Thursday, 16 June 2016


My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Jo Cox's family.

The whole point of democracy is that we are each entitled to our own opinion. Disagreeing with someone else's viewpoint does not give anyone the right to kill them.

It makes no difference whether you're in the Remain camp or the Brexit camp. Everyone's decision is based on things that are important to them and no-one has the right to tell anyone else how they should or shouldn't feel about any of it. People are allowed to be passionate and express their thoughts, that doesn't mean everyone will agree with them, and they wouldn't be expected to, but we live in a democratic country and we all have the right to express our views.  We are all allowed to make our own decision, vote accordingly and be safe doing so.

That's what democracy is all about.

Tranquil Thursdays

As it was!

Whether people were staying away to watch the footy I don't know, but, whatever the reason, the pool was practically empty!  I even managed 32 lengths!

The highlight of the trip though was on my way in, following two women who were going to the gym.  One of whom had the littlest shorts on imaginable, I mean, they didn't even attempt to cover her bum cheeks.  Now there are some women, even I can appreciate, who would have the figure to carry those shorts off and look sickeningly great in them.  However, she unfortunately was not one of those people but apparently was of the opinion she was......

Nevertheless, I admire her bravery and confidence - and it amused me no end!!!


Without any offence to any other countries....


Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I have been reliably informed that there have been some problems with leaving comments on my blog - hopefully this has now been sorted but, if you do have any problems, please let me know!

Wednesday - Super Swimmer's Day?

Well it's taken a few days but I finally made it back to the pool! Not only to swim,  but to SIGN UP! I now have a full gym membership (but daytime only, they don't want me scaring the 'proper' gym people away obviously!!).  What have I done??!! Groan. .... Ok, I'll admit it, I have only signed up on a non-contractual basis because, while I'm off work and free in the daytime, it was the cheapest option! I do now, however, have full access to the gym, pool, and sauna  (within my times of course) and my joining fee was waived ad long as I liked the pool and shared a post on Facebook.  So, all in all, it's a win-win! Now though I actually have to go there at least 2 to 3 times a week to make it worthwhile! Who knows, maybe I'll even try out the gym one day.......

There was an additional problem of the previous company not cancelling my prior membership properly and when I was asked if I was a 'frozen member', all I could think of was Disney and I just stood looking blankly at the poor lady with the lyrics of 'Let it go' going round unhelpfully in my head!!

Anyway, it all got sorted and I finally made it into the pool, 45 mins later than planned but optimistic I could still get a few lengths in. It was busier today, mainly with the pensioner elites who were whizzing up and down the pool at a speed which did nothing for my self esteem.  Neither did the gentleman who very politely asked "are you still resting love?" as I was doing goldfish impressions getting my breath back at the end of pool, because he didn't want to push in ahead of me. Push in as much as you like I thought as I tried to smile sweetly and waved him past.  I didn't think I'd been 'resting' long enough to warrant the still in the question though!!

Hopefully I'll get chance to go again tomorrow before the football starts - maybe Thursdays are quieter!!

Monday, 13 June 2016

My first '81 words' entry

It was actually much harder to do this than I thought it would be!! Give it a go!!

The Dress

“Buy me!” the gorgeous dress in the little boutique seemed to say again as she walked past, but she had nowhere to wear it. She sighed as she continued on to the bar for a much needed glass of Pinot Grigio. She noticed he was here again. He looked nervous. As he passed her table he slipped her a piece of paper. She read it and smiled, leaving the bar and practically skipping back to the boutique to claim the dress.


I need help!  Something many people have probably thought for a long time but I actually mean help with this blogging lark!

If anyone else blogs then maybe you could give me some tips.

If you don't blog and just have the misfortune of coming across mine, then maybe you can inspire me on what to blog about!  My life really isn't all that interesting and I don't want to bore people!

I started this thing as I want to start writing - so if there are any writers out there, maybe you could help me with tips on how and/or where to start?

Hope to hear from someone soon!!!

Friday, 10 June 2016


Well, after more than 6 months of inactivity I decided to go swimming today. I've not been swimming properly for, I don't know, must be over 2 years! Our local pool had been revamped and I felt quite nervous on the way but it turned out to be a much better experience than I expected! It was lunchtime so it wasn't too busy.  There were 3 lanes and I, obviously, chose the slow one! Even then I was still overtaken by a gentleman almost twice my age! But I stuck at it, stopping every two lengths to get my breath back and happy that most of the other swimmers were doing the same! I was obviously 'resting' a lot as I seemed to have the same "Oooo the water's cold!" "Oh don't worry you'll soon warm up!" conversation several times! I made 20 lengths before my mind started trying to make excuses to get out, you need the loo, no I don't, you're tummy's rumbling, you need to eat, No, I  don't! However tempting it was to give in and get out, by this time I was determined I was going to make 30 lengths - and I did! I was stupidly chuffed with myself!  At which point I really did need the loo and learned 2 important lessons 1) always check the loo roll situation before sitting down, and 2) never go to the loo in a wet swimsuit as once down,  it ain't going back up! I was more knackered wrestling myself back into my swimsuit than I was doing the 30 lengths!! I even considered risking it and legging it back to my locker half 'dressed' but decided that would only end even more badly! I finally made it to the shower and discovered it took a minimum of 20 presses of the button to get the shampoo out of the frizzy mop that is my hair. Hardly a power shower!  Lesson 3) the shower gets increasingly hotter with each press of the button......😕  With all my lessons learnt, I'm now actually looking forward to going back next week!

Why I'm doing this!

I'm 43 years old and live in Leicestershire with my family, my daughter is 9 and my son is 3. I'm currently off work and one day,  when complaining about being bored, my best friend told me to write a book. I laughed at the idea, but it kept coming back to me and I thought "why not?".  Having no idea where to start I turned to my ever handy phone and Google. There were lots of sites to submit short stories to etc., all providing links to add to your blog. Hmmmm.... a blog. I didn't have one. I didn't know how to get one. I didn't know how to use one and I still don't! And so it was back to Google I went again! I have now, somehow, managed to create this! What I'm supposed to do with it now I have no idea! I guess I'm just going to have to play it by ear and see what happens! If anyone ever actually reads this, any tips would be greatly appreciated!!