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Monday, 27 June 2016

150 word story for Writerly Corner

Family time

Finally we all piled into the car.  This was already turning into a traumatic event – so much for the family spending more quality time together!  It was supposed to be a lovely day and, in a moment of madness, I’d suggested a daytrip to the seaside.  Whilst the youngest two of our clan, aged 5 and 9, thought this was a great idea and bounded out of their beds, our 12 year old-going-on-teenager was less than impressed with the idea of spending a WHOLE day with his family.  Undeterred a picnic was packed and the car loaded up.  The shingle beach crunched under our feet as we found the perfect spot.  The sea was calm and the sky was blue.  I breathed a sigh of satisfaction as even zombie-teenager showed a glimpse of being human, taking off his shoes and running around, laughing and playing with his brother and sister.

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