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Monday, 19 September 2016


After much cleaning, tidying, patio making, it was finally all worth it to have everywhere looking nice for Billy's Christening!  The sun came out and it was a nice day so people could go outside and sit on our new patio area - to be honest, even if it had been chucking it down, I would have been pushing people outside just to make sure it got used!!  There was a gazebo so, hey, they wouldn't have gotten too wet!!
Billy looked gorgeous in his little Christening suit and Faye looked very pretty too.  We were very proud of them both!
Billy was so good through the service, he smiled at everyone and let Father Clive pick him up and tip water on his head without complaining once!  After all my fears, there were no tears or anything!  He was, however, clinging on to Father Clive's robe for dear life as he was tipped over the font - although Father Clive also had a good grip on the back of his waistcoat to make sure he didn't slip! The service was really lovely and Father Clive was great and humorous.

The after party went well (I think!).  It was lovely to catch up with friends and family and everyone seemed to have a good time.

All in all it was a very special day for a very special son and I feel very blessed and lucky!

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