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Monday, 12 September 2016

All Wrapped Up!!

Well hello! It's been a while!

After a lovely holiday in beautiful Devon, life is beginning to return to normal! The kids are back at school and I have started a phased return at work. I'm only working mornings but by the time I've picked the kids up from school and got home to sort dinner I'm cream crackered!!  I am, however, enjoying bring back as I missed the people and the banter!

The only downer was getting a letter on Friday telling me I have got to have an angiogram - boooooo!   Stupidly I Googled it, why, I don't know. I always advise against Googling anything medical/health related but there I was, tapping away, to find out the horror awaiting me!! After scaring myself silly I had a very reassuring chat with a neighbour and felt much better!!

After a weekend of trying to tidy the house (although the kids were making more mess quicker than I sad tidying anything! 😡 bless them. .......) and gardening, I decided to try out my clay detox body wrap. For those who don't know, thus entails applying clay to the body, wrapping a bandage over the clay and/or wrapping clingfilm over that! Hmmmmm. ........ what could go wrong???

With a bit of help I got clayed, bandaged and clingfilmed. I looked like something out of a weird alien or horror movie! All I can say is thank god the kids didn't wake up,  they'd have been traumatised for life!!! I could barely move and decided the hour I had to be mummified for would be a good time to iron,  preferably without melting myself!! After the ironing I decided to go upstairs. Easier said than done. The stairs were a challenge and I rustled every time I moved. I thought I could watch a bit of tv until it was time to 'unwrap'. I couldn't get on the bed either! I just had to back up to the bed and fall backwards! Finally it was unwrap and shower time! Ordeal over with no harm done......or so I thought!  Unfortunately, on getting out of the shower, I slipped, falling backwards and smacking my elbow and side of the ribs on the windowsill on my way down and also sending most of the contents on the windowsill clattering into the bath. 'That must have startled everyone out of their sleep!' I hear you say, but no. Nothing. Zilch. No one heard a thing (or so they say!).  Needless to say, I may be detoxed, but I've just replaced any toxins with nice purple bruises!!!

What shall I try next. ...............?? 😂😂😂

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