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Friday, 10 June 2016


Well, after more than 6 months of inactivity I decided to go swimming today. I've not been swimming properly for, I don't know, must be over 2 years! Our local pool had been revamped and I felt quite nervous on the way but it turned out to be a much better experience than I expected! It was lunchtime so it wasn't too busy.  There were 3 lanes and I, obviously, chose the slow one! Even then I was still overtaken by a gentleman almost twice my age! But I stuck at it, stopping every two lengths to get my breath back and happy that most of the other swimmers were doing the same! I was obviously 'resting' a lot as I seemed to have the same "Oooo the water's cold!" "Oh don't worry you'll soon warm up!" conversation several times! I made 20 lengths before my mind started trying to make excuses to get out, you need the loo, no I don't, you're tummy's rumbling, you need to eat, No, I  don't! However tempting it was to give in and get out, by this time I was determined I was going to make 30 lengths - and I did! I was stupidly chuffed with myself!  At which point I really did need the loo and learned 2 important lessons 1) always check the loo roll situation before sitting down, and 2) never go to the loo in a wet swimsuit as once down,  it ain't going back up! I was more knackered wrestling myself back into my swimsuit than I was doing the 30 lengths!! I even considered risking it and legging it back to my locker half 'dressed' but decided that would only end even more badly! I finally made it to the shower and discovered it took a minimum of 20 presses of the button to get the shampoo out of the frizzy mop that is my hair. Hardly a power shower!  Lesson 3) the shower gets increasingly hotter with each press of the button......😕  With all my lessons learnt, I'm now actually looking forward to going back next week!

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