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Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Get me!!! My first bath bomb has been made, I'm still in one piece and so is the house!!

Admit it, you thought it would all go horribly wrong!

Now, although it's made, it was a bit tricky getting the water quantity right and, if I'm honest, I thought I'd messed it up.

I don't have any proper moulds so I used a small hollow Easter egg. The instructions tell you to slightly overfill each half of the mould then clip it together. Tap the mould to release the bomb and leave it to dry.  Easy huh? Hmmmmmm maybe not......

I compacted my mixture in well (got a bit creative at this point and put a different colour in the middle of each half so that it, hopefully, changes as it fizzes away).  There was no way may halves were going to clip together or even stay together, and as for tapping them to release anything, forget it!! 

I wedged one half on top of the other and squashed it together as much as I could, then balanced it in a cup, said a little prayer and left it to go swimming (me not the bath bomb).

Swimming was very busy today and I managed to swallow half the pool 😱, but I did my 1 km and the little voice in my head kept its mouth shut!

On my return home I was pleased, and surprised, to find my 'egg' halves had in fact stuck together!!   Unfortunately  they also appeared to have stuck really well to my make-shift mould! Several minutes of squeezing and bashing the thing on the work top, my egg bath bomb gave up and came out! It looks a bit rough around the edges but it's ok and smells lovely. The kids are generally easily pleased so I'm really looking forward to proudly presenting them with my homemade bath bomb - I just hope the damn thing whizzes around the bath fizzing!! I'll let you know how that one goes!!!

In the meantime, if you fancy giving it a go yourself, I followed the recipe given on the following link, which also gives instructions for loads of other stuff too so worth checking it out!!


If I get a chance, and work out how to do it, I'll start a new page for recipes/instructions and put the details on there.

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