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Friday, 22 July 2016

It's Summer!!! Time for camping and playing and enjoying the sunshine - whilst it lasts!!!

Yaaaaayyyy!!! The kids have broken up from school so it's 6 1/2 weeks of sun, fun and playing - or arguing, fighting, shouting and crying...........

We started well with a camping trip to Scratby Hall (www.scratbyhall.co.uk) near Great Yarmouth for the first weekend of the hols and we picked a great weekend! The weather was great, lovely and sunny and hot.  Our schools generally break up about a week before the rest of the country so everywhere was reasonably quiet, which was great.  We had our new tent to try out so we were grateful for the weather in order for us to work out how to put it up. There is a lovely play are which kept the kids amused whilst we were sorting out and, although it's our 4th visit to this campsite, for the first time we found out there is a swimming pool too (although unfortunately this wasn't open when we were there - a drawback for finishing a week earlier than everyone else!. Typically, after much deliberation and changing of our minds (although surprisingly no arguments!!) we finally got the thing up and, on moving something else at the bottom of the bag, found the instructions! The porch took us a little longer to work out, even with the instructions, but we were finally set up and ready to go!  And the tent is HUGE!!!  The gazebo was put up and became our kitchen diner for the weekend and we had loads of space around us for the kids to play.  

Twiggle Village
Boggle Village
On Saturday we went to Bewilderwood (www.bewilderwood.co.uk).  Faye had picked a leaflet up from the Cambridge Services when we went to collect the tent and has been going on about how great it looked ever since - the main reason we ended up going to Yarmouth and not somewhere nice and local like Derby to test the tent out!  In fact, the place was great!  We spent the day looking for Twiggles (live in the trees) and Boggles (live in the swamps) and got a surprise from Mildred, the Crocklebog who lives in the Scaaaaaaaaary Lake!  There were tree houses, sky walks, zip wires, and slides.  It was great fun and, again, thankfully not too busy.  Each area had something for all ages so the kids both loved it and could play on the same things - full size for older kids and adults and a smaller version for toddlers, although to be fair Billy was on the normal stuff with Faye most of the time, with the exception of the zip wire - but he loved the toddler version!  There was even a play area for children with special needs.  I would highly recommend it to anyone in that area, it wasn't cheap but wasn't too bad and you get discount vouchers in the Great Yarmouth 'what's on' leaflets (helpfully Faye had collected these too!)
Errrr........ Twiggly Boggly Village??? 
A pair of little Crocklebogs!

Mildred the Crocklebog
Sky Walk

Back on the campsite we watched the black clouds rolling in and had a couple of light showers.  It was still warm so the kids kicked their shoes off and ran around on the wet grass with bare feet and loved it!  It was actually quite cooling and refreshing!  We had a barbecue and, just as we'd finished cooking (yes, that is the royal 'we', I didn't cook a thing!), the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down.  We watched it from the gazebo whilst we ate and waited for it to slow down a bit before making a run for it into the tent!

Sunday was seaside day!  We went to the beach by the Britannia Pier in Yarmouth, paddled in the sea, the kids went on donkey rides and we played on the amusements.

Monday was so lovely again we were tempted to stay for another night but resisted and packed everything back up.  Went into Yarmouth again in the afternoon, looked around some shops, got a bite to eat and played on the crazy golf (www.pirates-cove.co.uk), which was really good, although Billy looked like he was playing hockey rather than golf!  Then it was ice creams and back in the car to come home.

Tuesday was spent moving a greenhouse over from our late next door neighbour's garden to our garden (his family had very kindly said we could have it, we didn't just nip over and pinch it!) and the kids barely moved off the sofa or away from the telly
all day!

Wednesday was shopping and separating the kids, who by then had started arguing and falling out.

Yesterday we had friends come round for the kids to play and we all went to the park in the afternoon, it was slightly cooler and more bearable so was really lovely to be out in.

Today the kids are fed up because we're sorting out wardrobes and clothes etc.  I know, I know, not the most exciting thing for them to do but, as I told them, if we get all the boring stuff out of the way now we can have the rest of the holidays for fun things!  They weren't convinced either but one down and one to go!!!

Sorting clothes is sooooo tiring!!
In fact it is that boring that I've taken pity on them and let them loose in the garden whilst I write this and book our next camping holiday for the end of the hols!

Everything seems better already!!!

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