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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Kids away so a nice long lie-in? No chance

Nope! No lie-in, instead we were up at 5.30 am and off to a car boot sale with the car full, the roof box full, and the trailer well and truly (over)loaded!

My first promise was that everything we have cleared out will go,  one way or another 😕

It was supposed to be nice and sunny so I dressed accordingly, including flip flops, which I realised was a big mistake as I stepped out of the car onto the heavily dewed grass!! Naturally I was cold within minutes! I even looked at the baby socks I was selling and considered wearing them, one on each toe like little foot gloves!  Then someone bought them, so that was the end of that idea!

When I went to 'look' around myself a couple of hours later, I saw a very tempting pair of fluffy boot slippers, if only they were in my size! 

My second promise was that I wouldn't buy more stuff than we sold.

Well it should have been obvious that such a promise was completely unrealistic! By the end of the second row I had to sneak back to the car to unload my purchases before going off again to continue from where I left off.  Another 2 rows later I had to go back to the car again and felt it would be safer if I just didn't look anymore so I stayed put. Nearly. The lady next to us had some great fancy dress outfits for Billy to grow into........

By the end, the trailer was definitely a lot lighter and we dropped some "leftovers" off at a charity shop on the way to pick Billy up.  So at least my first promise is looking more likely to be kept.

Tired now but, on a positive note, after the 5.30am start this morning, 6.30am tomorrow morning to get my swimming back on schedule WILL seem like a lie-in!!😂😂😂 

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