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Monday, 25 July 2016

Project Camping Trailer is a Go Go Go!!!

After our long weekend camping, it became painfully obvious that there was no way we had room for everything we need to take for a two week camping trip - hence the birth of Project Camping Trailer!

We have a trailer chassis which we can use to build a new trailer so we started today by piling all of our camping gear in the lounge to work out how big we need to build it (judging by the amount of stuff we have, the next thing we'll need is a bigger car, or preferably a large van, to pull the damn thing!!)

My personal opinion is the bigger the better but apparently there are some limits to size and weight......... (must have been made up by a man!)

However, after a lot of measuring, planning, changing our minds, re-measuring, re-planning, changing our minds back - you get the picture - we finally have a plan!

Tonight I've had lots of fun being creative, designing a lovely paint job for our new trailer, which I'm very excited about - if I can actually do it!  Art isn't my strong point!  If it all goes to plan you will see photos - if it doesn't then obviously you won't!!!

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