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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

School, kids, tears and laughter

Well it's been an eventful few days, so I thought I'd share the events with you all.  Aren't you lucky!!!

First there was the shopping trip, we didn't need much to I went on my own.  I managed to avoid trolley rage, although only just as it was packed!  To add to my distress the shop had decided to move everything around so it took me ages to find half the stuff I would normally just go and pick up straight away.  Why do they do that???  Anyway, after eventually finding everything and queueing at the till for what seemed like forever, I finally got to unload my trolley and, in a state of elation, I managed to drop the eggs between the trolley and the conveyor belt (obviously dodgy packaging!!), getting smashed eggs and all over the floor and the belt.  I could sense everyone in the queue behind me glaring at me for being so stupid,  Of course the lady at the till then had to call someone (to get me some more eggs) and proceed to clean up, which I helped with hoping to get the ordeal over as quickly as possible.  By this time people had started moving away in despair and frustration, to joining the back of another mile long queue...... I was mortified!

Next we had the school fete, which was very good!  The team that had organised it all had done a really good job and there was loads of stuff for the kids to do.  Once they were all glitter tattooed up and faces painted it was time for throwing sponges at the Deputy Head, tombolas and all the other stalls.  Even Spiderman turned up, which Billy loved until he got a bit too close and then he legged it to Daddy to save him!

Yesterday we got the dreaded school report and found out which classes out little bundles of joy are going to be in next year.  This turned out to be a very stressful time due to the group of girls all being put in the same class bar one.  I still don't understand how they decided who goes where but it did seem very unfair to leave one girl out of the group separated from all her friends.  She was devastated and Faye sobbed all the way home and more.  It obviously seemed like the end of the world to them, even though I did try to tell her that they would still each other at playtimes and lunch, it's not as if she was moving to another country!  It didn't help.  Thankfully the school have managed to sort things so that they all stay together - and the school report was excellent so something positive came out of it!!

This morning I had a hospital appointment and pleased to be coming off Warfarin, woop woop!!!! . The new drug doesn't have to be monitored so no more blood tests and stabbing from the nurse and no more bleeding on the floor!!!  Yaaaaaayyyy!!!

Swimming was a real effort today though, I blame the four vials of blood I was drained of earlier......  I still managed to do my 40 lengths, just.  It was also possibly partly due to having a real laugh with one of the other swimmers, mainly at the expense of the new life guard.  Honestly, think of a twiglet and that was him!  I prayed none of us got into difficulties as there is no way he would have been able to drag anyone out!!  Bless him!  I swear he was leaning on the hoist post most of the time because he was struggling with the weight of the life buoy thing on his back!!  We have now affectionately nicknamed him 'Cotton Bud' :)  I was laughing that much I think I must have swallowed half of the pool.  Another lesson learnt - swimming and laughter, although enjoyable, aren't a good mix if you don't want to drown!!

Well, off now to meet the new teacher - hopefully the school run will be a little less dramatic and traumatic today!!

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