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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Three days in a row (but I won't get smug as I already know I won't be going tomorrow!)

Yep, three days in a row I have been at the swimming pool by 6.50 am waiting for the doors to open - keen or what?!  I only managed 32 lengths today but did them in 40 minutes so not bad, but did do my 40 lengths in 50 minutes the first two days  (possibly because I don't spend so much time chatting as I did on the lunchtime swim!!).  The morning swimmers are very nice too but not the stop-for-a-rest-and-chat type.  There's the bubble whooper, who makes a weird, almost musical noise. It is the strangest noise I've ever heard, although it is probably amplified by the usually relatively quiet environment.  At first I thought someone's earphones had come out and it was their music burbling away under water but no, it was a swimmer.  Bubbling as he exhaled on his way down under the water and whooping as he inhaled on surfacing again.  Then there's the shark-granny who must be in her 80's and zips up and down the middle overtaking us all.  My consolation is that I've decided in her younger days she must have been a professional swimmer... to at least Olympic standards!

I've also stuck to my low carb diet for almost 5 days now (yes, that is a long time for me!), although only 3 days properly, and it seems to be working so I'll just have to stick to it for a while longer (quite a while longer......).  I can't say I'm ever really hungry but I do miss my juice and cheese on toast!

I took the kids to the cinema this morning with a couple of their friends and mum.  We were going to see Jungle Book until we'd heard it was a bit scary, especially for the younger two, so we ended up watching Finding Dory instead, which was good although one certain bit was a tad too emotional for us mums!  It was Billy's first trip to the cinema and although he was really good and watched the film, he kept changing his mind as to whether he liked it or not and kept asking to go home, the first time he asked was just as the film started!

The girls we went to the cinema with are having a sleepover here tonight so they're all very excited! The house is a complete mess but they seem happy and are having fun!  I did think about tidying up instead of doing this but then decided that would be pointless as it will only all come out again!  Might as well wait until they're tucked up in bed having their midnight feast which, of course, I know absolutely nothing about.......!

I did do some tidying and found an old high school shirt which had been signed when I left.  Lots of comments about a Stephen Ingle - it appeared significant as though I should really remember who he was, but I haven't got a clue!!

I might have to ask around as I'm curious now.........

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