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Thursday, 17 November 2016

I'm back!!!

Seeeeeeee I told you I'd be back! That didn't take long did it!  I must have tempted fate..... Great!

What a day!  After the headache of work and wasp lady (long story) and a real headache, I was glad to leave the office!  I fetched Faye, made dinner, and took Faye to gym......

....and then it all went downhill!

I decided to work in the car whilst Faye was in gym so I got all set up, then realised I'd left the car wifi at home.. grrrrrr......so off I tootle back home again to get the wifi.  Which is where I should have stayed and just worked from home but no, I decide to go back so I'm already there and can work until Faye finished.

Good plan.

But as the saying goes, the best laid plans etc. etc. etc.

I started work and was happily getting on with stuff when there's a tap at my window.  Bearing in mind the car park is pitch black it was slightly startling!

Anyway, there was a lady who's car wouldn't start and asked if I would help jump start her car - of course I would, who wouldn't!  All's fine as I drive over, get the leads attached and start the engine running.  The lady immediately starts trying to turn her car over, surprisingly without much luck!  I get out and suggest she leaves it for a bit to give it a chance to get some juice in it and before she floods her engine.... about 2 minutes later she tried it again 😕.  Out I get again and patiently suggest she leaves it a bit longer.  That worked for about 3 minutes.  I gave up.  Next thing her car does turn over but doesn't start.  However, when it does turn over all the lights came on, external and internal so out I get again and suggest she turns all her lights off so they don't drain the battery and try again.  No luck so I turn off as it's time to get Faye and said I'd try again when I came back.  Took the leads off, realised I'd left the window open so put the keys back in to close the window and lock the car.




Not even a flicker of life!


Broken-down-car-lady agreed to keep an eye on my car whilst I went to get Faye (afterall it wasn't as if she was going anywhere either!) and I silently screamed!  Jay was in a meeting and uncontactable until he finished, when we were supposed to be picking him up.  Hmmmmm.  I didn't have any breakdown details on me as they were in my bag. At home.  I resorted to asking a couple of parents I vaguely know if they could help but on going back out we realised we couldn't get their cars close enough to attach the leads because of the way our cars were parked. However, whilst we were working this out, broken-down-car-lady has spotted a man with a big van (careful!).  Yaaaaay!!!  Not only does he have a big van, he also has a set of long jump leads!!  Then the fun really starts!
Broken-down-car-lady's husband arrives and an argument starts, at which point I suggest the nice van man tries to get her car going first but, as he's sorting out his leads, hubby gets in the car and starts it up!  Change of plan, get MY car going first!!  So we get all wired up. Still zilch. Nada. Silence.  The other car has now been moved but still not going and the son has arrived too now.  Van man was very lovely and offered to wait with us until we could get help but I did manage to convince him we would be fine so off he went.

Faye's now crying because it's dark and she doesn't like it.  I'm quietly panicking but laughing and telling her not to worry, we'll be home soon (well sometime within the next 24 hours at least!). I send a text to Jay and about 10 minutes later he emails to say he's finished.  Quick telephone call to get the breakdown details and he's going to finish up then get a cab over to us. Faye cheers up a bit.  Whilst I'm on the phone the son comes over to see if we're getting sorted etc. and apologising for us ending up in this mess.  Then as an after thought goes back to his car to get the superduper automatic car charger they used on his mum's car on the off chance it will start mine (oh, I wonder!).  The leads are attached, I get back in and turn the key and VROOM!!!!  We're back in business!  I was so relieved it started I didn't immediately feel cheesed off that they'd been there for half an hour before even offering to try it!!!

Anyway, all's well that ends well! BUT I am NEVER, EVER, EVER, going to help anyone EVER, EVER again!!! (well, until the next time someone needs help obviously..........!)

Now we just have to hope it starts again in the morning..............
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