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Thursday, 9 February 2017

No more of the alien reject look for me!!

Well day 3 is making a good start!!  I had a lie-in,  still woke early but stayed in bed dozing until about 7am. Then I was brought an early breakfast so thought I should drag myself out of bed and get ready for my MRI.

The porter arrived with a wheelchair (!) to take me (Err.... No thanks,  I'll walk) - as it's in another building you have to go by ambulance!  🚑 It was freezing outside, shame they didn't have a blanket in the wheelchair!  Following the ambulance ride,  I realised the early breakfast was nothing to do with the time of the scan,  it was to give it time to go down before the ambulance journey to prevent it making a reappearance en-route!! 🤢

Once in the MRI suite I had something laid over my chest and was told it might get quite warm during the scan (as if they thought that might be a problem!) so to buzz if I wanted the fan turning up.  That wasn't going to happen,  I was really looking forward to the warming up part!!

Now I know a lot of people don't like the MRI scanner because it's quite a tight fit and noisy but, in between all the commands to not breathe, I actually found it quite relaxing and almost nodded off a few times!

1st test of the day over and back to the ward to psych myself up for my second exercise test - cycling endurance!  😱

This test was explained to me on Tuesday.  You get all wired up etc. again,  the same as for the first test I did (lovely,  REALLY looking forward to that bit 🤣).  Freewheel for a couple of minutes,  then they whack it up to,  I think,  60% of your full capacity and see how long you can keep going for.  At least it won't be a long test........... 😂

I tried hiding in the loo but they found me and dragged me kicking and a screaming to the waiting area.  Then returned 5 mins later to say it was lucky day as due to my angiogram results yesterday I don't need to do this test anymore!!  Woohoo!!! 😂 😂 😂

Cure definitely wins this round!!  In ya face Kill!

I now have the day to relax and chill until the MDT meeting finishes at 5/6pm,  find out what their plans for me are and go home!

And to top it all off,  it's lovely and quiet on the ward today.  Yaaaaaayyyy!!


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