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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Papworth 'Spa' Hospital

Well,  the staff are lovely,  the food isn't too bad but it's a shared bedroom/shower/toilet 😂

There isn't a pool and the gym isn't what you'd usually find.  Instead of being made to feel better about yourself,  it appears they do everything in their power to make you feel as ridiculous as possible!  I kid you not!!

Today was the first of my tests - cardiopulmonary exercise test 1 (incremental).  Sounds sort of impressive. 

First bit was just a few breathing tests.  No problem at all,  felt more relaxed thinking 'this is going to be a breeze!'.  Next,  blood tests from the wrist,  I was warned this might be more uncomfortable than usual blood tests but,  again,  this was fine.  Yaaaay getting into this now!

Then the fun began.  So it started with wiring me up to the ECG.  OK,  no biggy.  Hop onto the exercise bike and a blood pressure cuff was put on.  Fine.  But then some monitor thing was strapped to my forehead with a lovely head harness 😕.  It has to be said,  I've looked better!  But nooooooo,  they've not finished yet!!!  Just to complete the look,  let's just add a bright blue face mask with attached pipe to breathe through!  Now they're just taking the mic!! The final touch was to ask how I was feeling........ Seriously???!  You REALLY want to know?!!!

Finally the test began,  looking like some sort of alien reject 👽 I then have to start pedalling,  easy enough for a while but then it got harder and harder until I began to think they really were trying to kill me..... 😱. Seriously though they were very encouraging and apparently I did really well.  Couldn't breathe,  talk or stand up but, apart from that, great!! I asked for a sticker but apparently the budget doesn't stretch that far 😭

At least that was it for the day and back to my bed to relax, have a game of chess, do some puzzles, and listen to all the other patients...... Now that DID make me feel very healthy and well!!

I've been thinking I should have brought a Facepack with me to wander around through the night to see how many people I could scare 😂😈

Unfortunately I didn't think about that when I was packing so I'll just have to think of something else to do to pass the time......

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!! 😁

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