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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Short and Sweet (the blog, not the children, although.......)

Another play day!!  I could get used to these!  I mean,  really,  how often can you get attacked by Chase (from Paw Patrol) with a cutlass, a police man with a big fluffy duck,  and a beanbag sheep all at the same time,  in between acting as a tissue and bib for a baby who flatly refuses to have her nose wiped under any circumstances?!  😂

I also had my hair cut (with the cutlass, obviously), my foot eaten by Zuma (Paw Patrol again...and I thought they were supposed to be Rescue Pups! ) and turned into a slide / piece of general play equipment!

The lorry with the big grabber bucket at our neighnours' was a nice distraction and instead of shouting at the kids to get put of the windowike I normally ,  I was throwing them in to watch and get a 5 minute break!

If nothing else,  the kids had a great day and it got me out of clearing Faye’s room ready for decorating!!

At least our two power rangers finally ran out of steam,  as have we.

As such, today's blog is short and sweet, night night all 😴😴😴

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