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Sunday, 19 February 2017

The joys and pains of decorating!

Ouch!!! I have discovered muscles my body had forgotten existed!

The weekend started with Billy discovering Faye's old Barbie toys in the garage while we were getting the decorating kit out.  Oh what a happy boy he was!! Faye also appeared to take a reliking to Barbie and it was a blissful afternoon!  No arguing over the tablet or TV,  Faye dressing all the dolls and doing their hair,  Billy playing with the camper van. The day ending in the sofa bed downstairs with Barbie films (A Fairy Secret (definitely my favourite!) and the Island Princess) while Jay prepped and stripped Faye's room,  at the same time discovering her radiator had gone and was leaking.  At least the carpet was coming up anyway!!

Today the decorating began. Lining paper went up no problem. The ceiling paper on the other hand......... I think I must have ended up with more wallpaper paste on my head and in my hair than on the paper!  It would not stick to the ceiling!! Jay at one end of the room trying to put up one end and me at the other end with my end resting on my head because I couldn't be doing with holding it up for what felt like 3 hours!  After lunch we finally got it finished,  got everything put of the room and the carpet up and out ready for painting.  We made a start,  mainly because I couldn't wait to see what colour 'Bubblegum'  pink actually is!  I love it!  It is only being used on the cupboard door panels though - it is fairly bright!  The walls are amethyst and the two colours do compliment each other really well 😊

Faye is barred from her room until it's all finished.  We've got her a proper desk and  new drawers,  a blackout blind and voiles to make it a more 'grown up' room. 

By the time we'd had dinner,  I could barely move! Bath and bed for the kids then a nice hot bath for me.  I know we haven't done any decorating for a while but I really don't remember it being so painful before!

All I can say is,  Faye had better like this room when it's done, because it's not getting done again for a looooong time!!!


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