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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Bad Mummy!!

What can I say?
I don't think it would have mattered what I did today,  the kids were going to hate me anyway!
I made them get dressed.
I made them have breakfast.
I let them watch what they wanted on the telly.
I let Billy empty toys all over the room I'd just tidied.
I made Faye put her clothes away (Ok, ok,  I'll give her that one!)
I made them have lunch.
I let them have chocolates /sweets.
I let Faye go on the computer.
But then,  if all of that wasn't enough, of all the wicked and evil things to do.......
Both of them actually.
They were filthy and disgusting!  But they got washed and then came out of the dryer all nice and fluffy, clean and warm. 
I gave them to Billy,  who promptly sniffed one and started crying,  shouting "it smells horrible now!!"  before throwing them on the floor in disgust!
Err....  nooo,  they smelled horrible before, now they smell nice!
I don't know why he's bothered anyway.  A day of dragging it around everywhere and it'll look and smell as bad as it did before it crawled into the washing machine! 
Oh well,  there's just no pleasing some people!!
So that's the end of another day as another Monday rears it's ugly head......

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