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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Headphones required 🎧

OK,  so I survived Day 1,  just!

Day 2 started bright and early,  well,  early anyway,  not so sure about the 'bright'  bit,  it wasn't a particularly peaceful night ! I thought I'd better beat the crowds to the shower in case the hot water ran out. It was more drizzle shower than a power shower (my hair REALLY needs a power shower!) but it was nice enough and hot.  I think everyone else had worn themselves out during the night so I was out of the shower,  dressed and watching telly before any of them even woke up.  Breakfast arrived,  as did the Dr who was going to do my right heart catheter,  who promptly told me I shouldn't eat my breakfast until after the procedure 😭

She got me to sign the consent form (I mean,  what's the worst that can happen [read form] oh!  All of that!!  😕), and handed me a lovely gown to wear for the special occasion!  I have a sneaky suspicion day is going to end Kill -  2, Cure -  0!!

As it was, it wasn't too bad,  slightly uncomfortable and apparently they only made a 2mm hole in my neck and jugular vein and it was a 'clean puncture'  so Woohoo!  Bring it on!!

It turns out that I do have pulmonary hypertension anyway so there was no need to do the cycling test with the catheter shoved through my neck into my heart / lungs....  Every cloud!...... I never thought that sounded like a good idea anyway!

I finally got my breakfast and was on bed rest for 2 hours with a lovely pressure dressing on my neck. Slightly uncomfortable and restricting but hey ho....

We did some more puzzles and crosswords and admired how well I'd done not to smother anyone. Yet (there's still time.........) . In order to prevent such a terrible thing from happening,  it was strongly advised that I wore headphones for the rest of the day!

I did.

And so far it's worked!!


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