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Thursday, 16 March 2017


Well my second night of swimming - and I'm moaning already!

The pool is usually divided into 3; slow, medium and fast. Each area being 2 lanes wide, enough to allow two people to pass comfortably on a 'circuit'.

Tonight,the pool was split into 6 individual lanes, 3 for swim school and 3 for public swimming, so only 1 lane wide for each of the slow, medium, and fast lanes. Not all that easy if there was more than one of you in a lane!  I was quite happy as I was the only one in the slow lane for a while, there were a couple in the fast lane, and when it got to about 4 or 5 in the medium lane, they started moving over to join me.  Ok, so slightly more crowded but still ok.

Until half an hour had gone by.  Then they had staff training too so our 3 lanes became 2 lanes - medium disappeared and we had slow and fast. Hmmmm.......... not the best plan ever.  It created a fast lane with 3 or 4 people in it and a slow lane with around a dozen people - talk about sardines!  (although I realise sardine are much more streamline in the water than we were!). It was a nightmare!  You couldn't swim properly, and I ended up doing about 2 strokes of breaststroke and the rest almost doggy paddle to avoid hitting someone else or the wall!

It wasn't great but I managed my 1 km in 50 minutes so I was happy with that, and even happier to get out of the pool!

Just to end the session nicely, as I was getting changed, I could hear one of the 'medium' swimmers complaining about how she had had to tread water several times because of the 'slow' swimmers.  Whoever she was talking to obviously told her she should have gone in the fast lane then as she snorted indignantly "I couldn't go in the fast lane because I'm not a fast swimmer!".  Well newsflash lady, the majority of us weren't 'medium' swimmers but, as there was only a slow lane or fast lane, we were in the right place - we definitely couldn't go in the fast lane but as far as I can see you could have chosen either so either quit moaning or do one!

It wasn't pleasant for any of us and I can't say that I particularly enjoyed it tonight, but at least most of us just got in with it the best we could.  I guess there's always one and I do hope I don't accidentally drown her if I have the misfortune of being in the same lane as her again...........!

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