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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Another night out?? Bad Mummy!!!

Yes, twice in two weeks (shock horror) I am deserting my family for a night out with work!!  Last week it was a girly night out with cocktails at Fat Cats, a gorgeous meal at Casa Romana, and more cocktails at the Terrace Bar.  This week It's to celebrate a colleague passing her Masters, a very well deserved celebration for her! I have no idea where we're going and, to be honest, I'm not really bothered!!

Not only that but I'll be out again in a couple of weeks for birthday drinks! It would be rude not to!!

It's been an up and down week and I'm actually surprised I haven't started lunchtime drinking...... Yet (although a suggestion has been made 😂😂😂)!

I have been good in other ways though😇 I've still managed to get to the pool twice this week, even though it's been later.  Last night (known as Sardine night last week) was great. There was still staff training in two lanes but only three other people in the pool in two lanes and the slow lane was empty and all mine! As the night progressed the other swimmers disappeared and the lane separaters gradually hit put away until, by the end I had three quarters of the pool all to myself! It was bliss! I obviously felt the pressure that they were about to kick me out at any time though as I managed to shave five minutes off my 1k time to forty five minutes 😀

That's my exercise for the week complete so bring on the weekend! Woohoo!!!


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