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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Bones knitted - time for cast off!!

After many weeks, the time has finally come!!!

It's cast off day for Billy!! 😀

He was very excited and was chatting away to a couple in the waiting room before he was called in. He was as good as gold whilst his cast was sawn off then it was over to x-ray, which he's obviously got used to now as he was happy to sit on his own, instead of on my lap, to have the x-ray taken!

All is well, new bone is forming and he was happily moving his arm around, although did say it hurt a bit when he straightened it so was still walking around with it bent for a while.

Back at the car he decided it would be a good idea to start rubbing the dry skin off his arm........ Then collected a pile and shouted me. When I looked he threw it in the air and said "Look! It's snowing!" 🤢

We met Jay at lunch and went to a gelato cafe for ice cream (and warm chocolate muffin for me 😊 mmmmmm it was yummy!!). He had a red power ranger toy and blaster for his treat and spent the afternoon shooting me (and Faye when she was home from school)! 😂

He's now happily playing in the bath, without his waterproof arm, telling me how nice it is!

Happy days!!

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