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Monday, 25 June 2018

The fitness regime has started! 🏃‍♀️🚣‍♀️

Well I'm coming up to 1 year post op, what better time to start a new fitness regime!

This time last year I could barely get up the stairs. Now I'm looking at registering for a 10k!! I'm not completely mad, I have no grand delusions of running it in a record time, or even running it at all come to that! I would just like to take part, finish the course and ideally get a medal as a momento of still being alive and kicking a year on! 😂

So, to start, the rowing machine came out last night. I only did 5 reps of 20 whilst watching the footy, but it's a start!

I also plan to start walking home from work twice a week (5k) and maybe try a few park runs. Then hopefully start swimming again once I can fit in my cozzie and get into the pool without all the water getting out!

Anyway, you know those people who go to the gym or running, even a marathon, and finish looking as fresh a daisy as though they hadn't done anything? Yeah, well it turns out I'm NOT one of them!!!

I did my first 5k walk home from work tonight, in the sweltering heat! I started off quite well until I got stuck behind someone walking very slightly slower than me. It was like when you're driving fractionally faster than the car in front of you and you have to keep taking your foot off the accelerator/braking so you don't get too close, but they're still going too fast for you to overtake. Annoying. In the end I decided to do the slow overtake, meaning I would be walking next to him for a while, hoping that would make him feel uncomfortable enough to slow down and let me pass! Obviously, it worked! 😂

It was soooo hot (have I already mentioned that?!) and some passers-by looked slightly concerned by the no doubt fetching shade of puce that was my face. I was just feeling reassured by the fact that there is a defibrillator on the wall of the Coop Funeral Services half way home so, in the event of any problems, I'd be in the right place to get sorted either way! 😂 😂

However, I made it past the point of no return and was feeling quite pleased with myself (especially as it was 30°! Have I mentioned how hot it was??😂), but as I crossed the last main road and onto the home stretch, I got overtaken by an old man on a mobility scooter....... 😒  I was too hot to push him off but put on an extra spurt and overtook him back as he slowed down to have an argument with his daughter..... I finally got home, 52 minutes after leaving work, to be greeted by Jay and the kids with bottles of cold water which they squirted all over me! I was soaked but it was lovely and so refreshing!! Faye wasn't quite as amused when I gave her a big, cold, wet, hug though!! 🤗

So, that was my first 5k!

I have now just registered for the park run. I've got my barcodes and everything. I guess there's no backing out now!!


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